David Stillman

David Stillman

Hello! I'm Dave. Yeah, that's me up there on the ladder. I'm a web developer currently residing in Boulder, CO.

I hang out online a lot. I post pictures of what happens in my life on flickr, and that's a good place to keep up with me. You should follow me on twitter to keep up with my life one hundred and forty characters at a time, but do not be dismayed if I go a week or two without tweeting. Similarly with App.net. I listen to music on a fantastic service called rdio, so you can take a look at what's been hitting my ears recently. I'd love it if I could post more videos to vimeo, but editing is such a time suck, y'know? Don't even get me started on youtube

So yeah, that's about it.

I suppose I should mention that I used to have a blog a while ago. I haven't really kept up with it for the last few years, but have started writing some long-form stories. I also started posting some stuff using Exposure,so, but I'm working on my own version to debut sometime... soon.

The two old posts that get the most traffic now are from the time I launched a weather balloon into near-space and when I almost got caught sneaking into a decommisioned missile silo like the one seen above. Both are probably worth a read if you've got nothing better to do.

In fact, I've gotten so much feedback from the balloon post, I've started an FAQ for putting together your own high altitude balloon payload. Please bear with me as I continue to add content, but take a look if you're interested in launching a payload to near space.

If you're just after the pretty videos, check out KI6YMZ - 3 on Vimeo. It's worth a watch.

If you want to give me a job, ask me a question about something geeky or otherwise get in touch, shoot an email to me@stilldavid.com; it's most certainly the best way to get a hold of me.